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Precise measurement and control of cooling water distribution systems

BANNA 4.svgIn the cooling application of RF and semiconductor components, special water-based Coolant flows from the cooler to different lines.  

These coolants are expensive, and in order to operate 24/7, they need to be precisely measured and controlled.

During continuous operation, the circulating coolant properties (pH and conductivity) change and therefore need to be treated at the main treatment plant to maintain pH and TDS so that expensive cooling water can be recycled.  

The challenge was to efficiently distribute the coolant, at a pressure of 16 bar, from the main cooler to the combination of supply and return lines at the required flow rate.  

 For precise control, the system will be designed and fabricated from grade 316 stainless steel and will feature process instrumentation for local and remote display of temperature, pressure and flow.

For precise control of remote SCADA, all process instrumentation must be installed on each branch with remote transmission. The complexity of the system's minimal pressure loss, space constraints, and zero leakage are other limiting factors.


Dowesotn's many full-process instruments meet all the requirements of customers because of their high accuracy, compact design, local LED indication, flexible installation, and nominal pressure loss.

 Doweston ultrasonic flowmeters are selected for different sizes of lines. The flowmeter has high measurement accuracy, uses a clamp coupling, a manual preset valve and a ball valve, and is small in size and can be installed in any direction for fine control and quick and easy maintenance.

Doweston temperature transmitters, without temperature and saturation sleeves, are directly installed in the pipeline loops where the insertion depth is extremely small, monitoring and retransmission of actual value records to a distance.
The Doweston pressure transmitter measures the accurate pressure of the cooling pipeline and meets the requirements of high-precision measurement.


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