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Instruments in the cement industry are widely used, and parameters such as temperature, pressure, level, and flow need to be measured and controlled.

Taking the level instrument as an example, it is used in all process links of cement, such as raw material crushing system, raw material homogenization storage system, raw material batching system, raw material grinding and waste gas treatment system, raw material homogenization and kiln feeding system, clinker Firing and waste heat power generation system, cement batching and grinding system, cement storage and delivery system, etc. Various level instruments such as radar wave level meter, heavy hammer level meter, ultrasonic level meter, rotary level switch, tuning fork level switch, electrostatic capacitance level switch, etc. have played important functions in all aspects of cement. ,Play an important role. Even in the dangerous environment where the grate cooler ash hopper is as high as thousands of degrees, the high temperature-resistant material level switch can be seen in operation. In order to realize automatic remote alarm, unattended operation, reduce air volume loss and improve energy efficiency, active efforts have been made. contribute


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