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 The entire brewing process is described below on a sub-process basis. Click on a process to display the exact details of the Doweston products you can use and the measurement control system you need.

The brewing process takes time. It includes many individual details, it starts with crushing and filtering, then boiling and cooling the malt, fermenting and filtering. You need accurate monitoring of temperature, pressure, pH and conductivity in all of these separate processes. High-level Doweston automation systems have been proven in this application. They provide perfect support in the monitoring tasks of these complete process chains.

Raw water treatment

The raw water is purified by reverse osmosis, UV sterilization, UF filtration, etc. How to monitor the liquid level? smooth.

LDH/LCH Link Float Level Switch

LPD-310A/B/C Pressure Level Transmitter

LUT-10/20/30 Ultrasonic/Level Indicator/Transmitter

LRT-100/200/300 Radar Wave/Level Transmitter


Scale batching system

This process is to control the proportion of water, raw materials, additives, etc. to achieve a perfect blend. The controller is used to measure the inventory of each storage tank.

LG300A Float Continuous Level Transmitter

LPD300A/B/C Pressure Level Transmitter

LUT-10/20/30 Ultrasonic/Level Indicator/Transmitter

LTF-100S/M/P/H Magnetic Float Level Gauge


Control panel

The on-site tank information can be sent back to the control room through the panel display, which is convenient for personnel to operate and observe the water quality and water volume changes of each storage tank.

Digital Display

Microcomputer light bar digital display controller

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