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Turbine Sensor


Turbine Sensor

The FTR-1600F Flanged Turbine Flowmeter Series is used to measure continuous and discontinuous flow. Mainly used for lubricating and non-lubricating media. Particularly suitable for low and medium viscosity liquids such as water, emulsions, glycol blends and light oils.

In the production of turbine flow meters, only high-grade steels that are resistant to corrosive liquids are used. Thanks to the innovative design, no welds come into contact with the medium. All universal flange connections are available.

Combined with the use of tungsten carbide bearings, the FTR-1600F flanged turbine flowmeter can guarantee the best measurement accuracy and extremely long service life even under the harshest application conditions

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Performance characteristics

 The turbine flowmeter (FTR-1600R) is according to Wollman Working on the impeller counter principle, a unique system consisting of precision machined helical rotors and high-quality jewel bearings. The rotor is the only moving part, and solid-state Hall-effect sensors outside the wetted area electronically detect small magnets on the rotor hub. They record the flow through the pipe by means of the average flow velocity. The flow of the medium is directed axially towards the precision-machined helical rotor and thus rotates. The speed of a free-rotating impeller over a wide range is proportional to the average flow velocity and is linear. The turbine flowmeter has wide adaptability to medium and is widely used in various industries. They are particularly suitable for flow rate measurement of low and medium viscosity liquids such as water, emulsions, glycol mixtures and light oils. Of course, it is also possible to measure cryogenic liquids.  Many different process connections are available due to its flexible design, we offer you flange connections in different standards Ways to respond to your needs, including Chinese, American, and Japanese standards, you can ask Dow Weston's sales engineers when ordering.

Smart fluid measurement and control technology, the advantages are not only here

 Large measurement range (0.3 ~ 13400 L/min)

 Short response time

 low pressure loss

 Pressure resistance up to 4000 bar

 Special corrosion-resistant materials can be customized

 Strong construction and long service life

 Media temperature: -60°C to +350°C[-76°F to +662°F]


 Flange connection is easy to disassemble and maintain

Performance characteristics


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