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Turbine Sensor


Turbine Sensor

FTR-1600TI Triaxial Turbine Flowmeter Series (Triaxial Flowmeter with Tri-Clamp Joint) is used to measure continuous and intermittent flow, mainly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The innovative structure without dead space and special flushing holes make the bearing very easy to flush.

Due to the use of high-quality stainless steel and materials, the FTR-1600TI is suitable for measuring highly corrosive media and complies with common material standards for the pharmaceutical industry.

The design fully guarantees the CIP (cleaning in place) performance of the system.

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Performance characteristics

FTR-1600TI series is not only quick and easy to disassemble and assemble, but also the response of measurement and control is so fast

Support a variety of signal converters to meet your requirements for product signal, display, explosion-proof, and protection level.

  • Rated capacity: 3~400L/Min optional.

  • response speed:  under 100ms fast,

  • Protection level: IP65

  • Output signal: Pulse, frequency, 4-20mA current, 0.5-4.5V, upper and lower limit switches, a variety of options (depending on your converter of choice)

Performance characteristics

product features
total number of inputs and outputs

preview component




4-20 mA




Mode Bus - RTU/RS485

Measuring range

0.3...13400 l/min

system interface

Flange connection

GB flange or American standard


special performanceCarbide Bearings
applicationfor industrial applications
Yangtzewater, glycerin, clean gas
temperature [°C]

Ordinary type: -35℃-60℃

High temperature type: -20℃-120℃

Explosion-proof type: -40℃-80℃

Compressive Strength 1.6Mpa, 4.0Mpa
Pay attention to compressive strengthto 40℃
The nature of work stress3.9 (for applications conforming to CRN standards) [bar]
Electrical data
Operating voltage [V]18...30 DC
Current consumption [mA]< 10
Resistance Resistance [MΩ]100; (500 VDC)
Protection classIP65
reverse phase protectionHave
Boot delay time [s]<0.3            
Viscosity range
shell316L stainless steel

316L stainless steel


Carbonized bearing, optional red bearing

snap ring316L stainless steel
guide vane

If there is, the material is 316L stainless steel

shell materialRecommended amplifier
Measuring/Setting Range
Measuring range3-400 L/min
measurement accuracy±1%FS and ±0.1% accuracy
display rangeConsult the manufacturer
drawingConsult the manufacturer


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