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The Doweston brand is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
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Global thinking, local action

We understand the status of various industries and regions around the world, and provide the most cost-effective products and services without changing quality.

Our engineers and sales team have received comprehensive professional product training and accumulated rich application experience. Not only can we provide reliable solutions to problems, but we can also pass you on the latest technology and information of the industry. Our engineers are good at combining local conditions , Listen to the opinions and suggestions of designers, engineers and maintenance personnel; in consulting, sales and field service, to provide you with a high level of expert advice and cost-saving innovative and practical solutions; strive to be fast, economical and accurate Solve your problem.

We provide multiple contact channels to open you at any time.

We are happy to take more time to make such an invitation: if you have some comments, suggestions, praise or complaints about DOWESTON, please contact us directly.

Please believe that the door of DOWESTON is always open to you, and I will respond to you in a timely manner.

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Xinyuan has a way, wisdom is creating! American Dowston brand is an excellent supplier of sensors and measurement instruments!

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Address:Chelesfield Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri

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