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"We are a user-centric high-end sensor supplier based in St. Louis, Missouri. We select high-quality sensors worldwide to bring users high-end, intuitive, easy-to-use, and effective products"

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Doweston is committed to the corporate mission of "Automated Upgrade Your Life" and operates in a variety of scientific and technological fields including industrial sensors, civilian instruments, and smart cities. Doweston Masters many technologies with continuous brand momentum, and combines global high-quality supply chain resources to create high-performance, high-quality sensor and instrument solutions. At the same time, we adhere to the business philosophy of giving back and caring for the society, linking with the goal of sustainable development, aiming to bring a better life for all humanity, and become a brand that makes users proud.



    We are……

      Trust: Our relationships with customers and partners are long-term, ethical, legally uncompromising, and trusting each other.

      Personal responsibility: competent, dedicated and capable employees are the foundation of our success, and mutual respect and trust are the characteristics of our relationship.

      Innovation strength: With the benefit of users, technological leadership and quality, our innovative products bring enthusiasm.

      Independence: Profitable growth and diligent risk management allow us to maintain our position as an independent and autonomous company.

      Responsibility: Our corporate culture is based on five core values, which are fully merged at Doweston and displayed daily.

    These core values include ...

      People-Oriented: We respect the individuality we do not lose in the crowd and we want to be the best performers in an informal work environment.

      Development-oriented: We develop trend-setting products and attract customers because of their advantages, technological progress and quality.

      Passionate: We are excited about our dynamic technologies and enjoy the challenge of working with them.

      Innovation: As a proactive self-starter, we are committed to continuously pushing and redefining the limits of technology.

      Independent: We are and will continue to be an independent company. At DOWESTON, smart, independent minds work together to create technological progress.

Automatically upgrade your life

Doweston is convinced that "growth with users" is what sets us apart.

Since launching business in China in 2013, we have continued to advance the automation process through innovative sensor technology to meet its increasingly complex needs; on the other hand, we have also listened to users' feedback and leveraged on the company's diverse industrial experience and application scenarios to explore More possibilities for smart sensors.

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